According to Trulia’s compiled data for the Texas housing market, the demand for housing in San Antonio is on the rise. If you're considering listing your home for sale, the first question you may have is regarding when exactly to put your home on the market.

There are certain times of year that have been shown to have the maximum number of homes sold for the best price. In fact, according to Forbes, timing the sale of your house to a specifically-popular month could garner around a 6% increase in the offer premium. These simple tips will help you navigate the selling process to time your home listing in order to receive the best possible price.

Tap into a Great Local Agent for Input 

One of the first things you want to do when considering putting your home up for sale is to comprise a seek out some of the top real agents in San Antonio for advice. While there are proven months that nationally show to be best for home sales, a local agent will have highly specific knowledge to the San Antonio area that will be a great benefit to you. 

Good local real estate agents will be able to provide you with a great deal of input on when exactly you should list your home. The best performing realtors® in San Antonio will be able to provide you with expert projections on when you can expect offers to come in.

Real estate is very cyclical, both nationally and at the local level. Remember, choosing a real estate agent will be like choosing a partner through the long journey to selling your home at the best possible price. The more knowledge an agent can provide upfront regarding your timeline, the more likely they are to deliver expert insight throughout the process. 

Follow the Proven Timeline

Late spring and summer have been proven to be the best seasonal time to sell a home. Top months for sellers to receive maximum offers are as follows: May, June, and then July. There are specific benefits to aiming to sell in late spring as well as early summer.

Listing your home in April will often begin garnering offers by May. Additionally, your house will be at an advantage because there will be fewer homes listed as many sellers wait until late May or early June.

While there are more homes on the market in June and July, many people- especially families- wait until the kids are out of school to really move forward with the home search. The main point here is to aim for the warmer months to have your home actively listed. As you likely know, the sweltering Texas heat can slow things down from late July until the weather cools down. 

Use the Colder Months to Prepare 

Now that spring and summer have been established as the prime time to sell, you should be preparing a timeline of actions to take during the winter months to get your home ready to earn a top offer once it goes on the market. During the winter months and the holiday season, people are often less focused on making the leap to buy a new house. This is the ideal time to work on repairs, minor upgrades, and repainting.

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