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Lisa Reviews on Texas Elite Auto & Diesel 2 years ago

Texas Elite Auto & Diesel

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My vehicle has been at this shop for 2 weeks as of today every time I called them between Chris and Fred there has been no update no diagnoses no information they could give me at all. Just yesterday i spoke with Chris who told me “the tech he assigned to my vehicle has been out” and no one else was touching my car so it was sitting there. That he THINKS the tech was gonna be back later that day. With my vehicle already being there for so long with no diagnoses I tossed around the idea of taking it elsewhere if there was no update by the end of the day yesterday. He apologized to me up and down, recognized their fault even told me word for word this was Their “f up”. Chris was more Worried about offering me a ride to work because I’m A dancer (he asked me what I do on a previous call) and joked about how he hasn’t been to my club In a while— RATHER than offering to put a different Tech on my jeep. I asked him the state of my vehicle as I was gonna take it somewhere else HE TOLD ME the engine was out of my vehicle but would be put inside of the vehicle in “a box” so that he “doesn’t Have to charge me for labor to put it back in” his exact words. When I brought my vehicle to the

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