Excited for Father’s Day 2022 in San Antonio? Of course, yes! 

You may be planning to do plenty of things on this special day, but, what about the food? After all, that is the most crucial thing when it comes to a celebration. 

With so many good San Antonio restaurant options in hand, we know it is not easy to choose a food place to celebrate Father's Day. To help you make an informed choice like a pro foodie, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite dining places that offer delicious eats. 

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Las Ramblas Restaurant San Antonio
306 W. Market Street, San Antonio TX, 78205
A family favorite, Las Ramblas Restaurant, serves authentic Spanish cuisine. Their menu consists of traditional favorites such as enchiladas and tacos, but they also offer lesser-known dishes that are sure to please your taste buds.
Restaurant $$
20210 Stone Oak Parkway, San Antonio TX, 78258
It is the barbecue place in San Antonio that your dad will love. In addition to their lip-smacking food, they have a wide selection of desserts for your sweet tooth. The only thing better than their delicious food is- your dad will love the vibe here.
Wicho's Mexican Deli
1110 N Zarzamora St, San Antonio TX, 78207
Wicho's is a local San Antonio favorite for its burgers and other Mexican-inspired food items. The burgers are made with fresh beef and are served on a soft bun with lettuce, tomato, and onions. They also have several other items on the menu, such as nachos and quesadillas.
If you are looking for something more unique than your standard burger joint, Wicho's is worth checking out.
Ray's Drive Inn
822 SW 19th St, San Antonio TX, 78207
Ray's Drive Inn is the perfect spot for a Father's Day outing. The restaurant is known for its puffy tacos — but if you are looking for something a little more creative than just meat, the kitchen also offers some of the best seafood dishes in town.
Ray's is known for its big servings, so order up and get ready to chow down!
1926 Guadalupe st, San Antonio TX, 78207
DreamCheff offers a menu full of delicious eats that will make any dad smile. They offer authentic Mexican food. You can also find a delicious vegan menu at this place. Do not forget to try their unique food cones with yummy fillings.